From Secretary Desk

A single step is not possible without education and formal education is possible only by ideal teachers. We know teacher is made not born. To make this idea true our Al Hera College Of Education, a teachers' training institution , has taken oath to make ideal teachers. We believe in work not in words. Our teacher educators do hard work for the benefit of the trainees. Every year Al Hera College Of Education takes 100 students in two units. It starts its first batch in the session that is 2016-18 is under the uniform B.Ed University namely The West Bengal University of Teachers' Training , Education Planning and Administration (WBUTTEPA). We have huge space with suitable infrastructure and nice big green play ground in front of our College. Every Year our college conducts a number of cultural programs,Functions with active participation of the trainees and teacher-educators.It arranges educational tour to different places of interest and games and sports is an inseparable issue that cannot be denied. Trainees and all the teachers and non-teaching staff participate enthusiastically and joyfully. It considered trainees' creatively very minutely and interestingly. They are awarded for good percentage of presence and participation in all aspect like academic and non academic. The result of 3rd semester 2015-17 session and 1st semester,2016-18 session is excellent,100% passed with first class because we make the base of the trainees.

All of the above is possible only for the effective co-operation and assistance of the trainees, teaching and non-teaching staff,the gurdians and the local people and so I am very much thankful to all of them and above all the blessing of the Almighty Allah. I think it will be a greater one with your praying hearts.

                                                                             Obaidulla Siddiki                                                                             Al Hera College Of Education